© 2007 Sayambhu Choudhury
Summer Skylines
The Skies of Kolkata
     SUMMER skies above Kolkata are at times divine to watch.

Shooting these pictures always reminded me of my early childhood - like every other kid, when I had enough innocence within me to lie back on the roof of our house and stare at clouds, imagine shapes, watch them dissolve, figure something new.

Life today has changed so much.

These pictures tell me silently, that the harsh realities of life have often been too harsh... that I wish I had a chance to rewind myself to the past. I am tied, bound and gagged by the sky above my home and the memories it rains down on me.

Often its a thought, that the person who I am, is thoroughly unjustified. Coping up with now, then and next, I often feel like I am advancing backwards. With work, dreams, passion, aims everything converged - where am I supposed to go from here?

Advancing backwards. Who knows, perhaps someday from now I'll end up lying down, watching clouds again...
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