© 2007 Sayambhu Choudhury
Begging to Differ
Kolkata, WB, India (2007)
     THE project Begging to Differ had many thoughts and much time imparted to it. Of the biggest problems that Kolkata is faced with for decades, poverty is perhaps the most hurting to see.

When you bend down and reach for these unpriviledged people, you would find they too are human beings. Misjudged, misled and mistreated - but human beings. I saw many truths. I heard many stories. Stories of empty promises, of broken dreams. I came across many lives within which oceans of painful emotions were exploding. But much more than often what fascinated me was their simple ways of finding joy out of nothingness within their fight to survive in this world.

This is a respectful tribute to all those who smiled beyond my camera and offered me broken cups of milky tea.

God bless you.
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